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Coronado Island Resort and Spa #marriottcoronado

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

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We are super excited to be a part expansive renovations at the Marriott Coronado Island Resort

The Grand Opening of the newly renovation of Coronado Island Resort and Spa May 2019

The Marriott Coronado is located at 2000 2nd Street. The property features 300 guest rooms, 28 cottages, and 7 executive suites; as well as three swimming pools, a variety of dining options, a two-story wellness center, and a full-service spa.

The Grand Opening was a huge success with several Marriott and Host executives complementing the new design and related construction effort and quality work.  The resort face lift and new restaurant offerings were revealed in a grand opening event held on Thursday, May 16th. The event, coined “Spring into Summer” featured live entertainment, signature cocktails, craft beers, and local wines as well as an extensive culinary sampling of oysters, ceviche, roasted vegetables, and a taqueria bar with a range of mouth-watering tacos. Attendees included local party-goers Alan and Lisa Kinzel, Tania Luviano, Councilmember Whitney Benzian and others, as well as a large population of tourism professionals and press. All were impressed with the setting and enthusiastic with their praise. This is going to make the Marriott the best on the island.”

Design with Ease

Thank you to Carlos Garcia, Carlos Pool, Robert Castle, and Terri Perna for finishing up 3 fast pace projects with an active engaged ownership group.

The multi-phase renovation project included a spa ‘makeover’ and addition of a wellness center, a complete guest room upgrade, and a complete overhaul of the lobby and meeting and event spaces.

The total renovation include a lobby upgrade and a total overhaul of the ballroom and other meeting and event spaces. Despite the upgrades to meeting and event spaces the intent is not to attract more business travelers. “This hotel is primarily for vacationers. With a broad and loyal international client base that are reliable travelers year-round. But as a full-service resort property, the property owner want to ensure they offer a venue that can accommodate a lot of guests and a range of needs.”

New lobby upgrade and a total overhaul of the ballroom and other meeting and event spaces.

The restaurant, ALBACA, boasts locally-sourced and organic ingredients that are characteristic of California and its regional cuisine.

“The name ALBACA comes from the origins ‘Alta’ and ‘Baja’ which are the two historical regions of California that inspire the menu,” explains Ricardo. “The food reflects the very heart of California which is fresh seasonal produce and seafood. Of course, there is also influence from neighboring Mexico. We want guests to enjoy a dining experience that is not fussy, but still feels special.”

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Hotel Manager Richard Garcia Says the renovation have been a labor of love with results that everyone is pleased with.

We are very proud of what has become of this four-and-a-half-year journey," says Garcia. We wanted something that was both relaxed and upscale. A sort of ' bohemian chic' to reflect the California lifestyle."

We are Inspired

To keep up with all the trends and ensuring our clients are extremely pleased with our work and level of expertise in the hospitality and construction industry. We believe in having a connection and understanding the dream design from the owner and the relationship cultivated in the process of the renovations is rewarding for us.

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