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The Leader in Hospitality Renovation & Construction

Exceeding Expectations

Our mission at McGuire Builders is to provide extraordinary construction services to our Clients and business partners by delivering results that always exceed expectations for safety, quality, budget, and schedule.


For over 35 years, the team at McGuire Builders has vowed to lead all projects with integrity, purpose, and attention to detail.  An unwavering focus on the needs of our Clients has made McGuire Builders the industry leader in re-envisioning and repositioning luxury hotels, destination resorts, upscale dining spaces, world-renowned clubs and spas, and innovative mixed-use establishments.  A commitment to transparent, proactive communication has earned McGuire Builders the trust and respect of countless Clients who repeatedly call upon us for all of their project needs.

The way we approach our clients, and their projects is what sets us apart! 


With decades of experience focusing on hospitality projects, our seasoned veterans bring a wealth of knowledge and lessons learned to the table.  The McGuire team possesses an innate understanding of the key factors that streamline project success, and we communicate with Clients, Architects and Consultants to proactively mitigate the red flags that lead to delays and increased costs to the Client.  This honest approach and added value has earned the loyalty of many Clients who regularly invite our input early in their project design stages.  Our experts will gladly assist wherever necessary, offering key insights, preliminary budgeting exercises, value design, and value engineering options.

With rigorous pre-construction research, pinpoint cost estimation, and construction programming tailored to ongoing operations, Clients can rest assured that McGuire Builders will always be one step ahead; Executing with swift precision, minimizing disruption to staff and guests, and always delivering an unparalleled finished product --- Our Commitment to Extraordinary Service.

Recent Renovation Projects

McGuire Builders was awarded the Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Renovation contract.
wamb logo 1.jfif
McGuire Builders was awarded the Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel, Renovation contract.
BW4S Logo.jpg
McGuire Builders was awarded the Montage Deer Valley Renovation contract.
McGuire Builders was awarded the Palos Verdes Golf Club Renovation contract.
pvgc logo.png
McGuire Builders was awarded the Brentwood Country Club Renovation contract.
brentwood logo 1.jpg


McGuire Builders believes in building strong, collaborative and communicative relationships with our clients.  When our team is handling a project, our clients are always kept in the loop and never left in the dark.

McGuire Builders strives to be the industry leader in

high-end luxury renovation, widely recognized for our safety, our on-time and on-budget project performance, our extraordinary people, and

our guiding principles.

guiding principles

We recognize and appreciate that a great deal of the work performed on our projects is completed by highly skilled subcontractors.

Maintaining a strong, like-minded team is pivotal to our success.

Be a part of our team!


We believe building positive human experiences begins with us and our staff.  We strive to create an environment where quality team members with talent, integrity and heart will find the space to thrive and build a lasting career.


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