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Simple & Effective

We Know The Industry

We get to know our clients and truly understand their objectives. We understand the importance of their project and their investments. We learn about the people that occupy the work environment, and we are especially sensitive to the needs and requirements of management, staff and any ongoing operations.


We Know Construction and Renovation

Our entire team conducts an in-depth discovery and a constructability review - That means our Presidents, Project Managers, Project Engineers and General Superintendents all have a stake in the success of your project. This comprehensive analysis of the project plans, existing site conditions, and site logistics enables us to lay the ground work for success.

A construction team on a McGuire project site.

We Build The Right Team

Each project has unique needs and getting the right Project Managers and the right Superintendents with the proper experience makes all the difference, as does aligning the right specialty subcontractors. We are diligent in our assembly of the perfect team of subcontractors for each project, ensuring that together we can meet the project's goals for safety, schedule, quality and budget.

A construction team on a McGuire project site.

We Build The Right Culture

We communicate effectively and manage expectations to build trust. We foster collaboration among Owners, Operations, Architect and Design Consultants and Contractors to work together to maximize efficiency, safety and to minimize business interruption.

A constuction team on a McGuire project site.

We Execute The Work

We provide heavy concentration on the management and supervision of our projects.

We possess a deep understanding of not only the hospitality industry, but of crafting luxurious, high-end architecture spanning various uses and industries. We take pride in our work and we take pride in our relationships with Owners, Developers and Subcontractors alike. We commit ourselves to getting involved early in the creative process and we lend our expertise to the project planning, budgeting, value engineering, and document control. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the traditional disconnect between the design process and pre-construction services, streamlining the communication among the parties and clearly defining action items and timing of deliverables. We work to establish a high-functioning, collaborative team environment while eliminating additional costs to the client related to redundancies and inefficiencies in the work process.


A well-planned project ultimately allows us to reduce the common sources of cost overruns and delays to the project schedule. Our philosophy is to challenge the typical constraints of a traditional pre-construction approach, helping to achieve cost certainty and schedule compression, which fosters an innovative quality process and achieves an end product that exceeds expectations - The McGuire Way.

A beautiful resort space.
A recently renovated office space.
A remodeled bar/lounge space.
A beautiful resort outdoor patio space.
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