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It is McGuire Builders’ mission to provide exceptional construction services to our clients and business partners by delivering results that always exceed expectations for safety, quality, budget and schedule.
We strive to achieve this mission by inspiring our employees, leading with integrity, committing to our clients, communicating effectively, and acting with purpose.   
Our project teams are comprised of experts with years of experience working in active and occupied spaces, executing the highest quality of work with minimal disruption to guests and everyday operations. We understand the importance of honoring the value of historic properties. That’s why we take the utmost care to preserve cherished elements from the past while providing modern upgrades and amenities for today’s patrons.




Michael Tande, Co-Owner nad Chief Operationg Officer of McGuire Builders

"Driven by guiding principles rooted in service, integrity, and transparency, our team has the know-how and the confidence to deliver on the most demanding, complex and elegant projects."
                               -- Michael Tande
                                                 Co-Owner & COO

Paul F. Allen, Co-Owner and Chief Financial Officer of McGuire Builders

"We are very much a 'Service Business'.
Having worked for Hotel Owners/Developers for the greater part of our careers, we understand the hospitality industry and have a better understanding of our clients' needs than your average General Contractor."
                                                   -- Paul Allen
                                                                                            Co-Owner & CFO

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